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Live Video Monitoring

For more information on setting up cameras for private senior home, assisted living facilities, etc. Please contact our specialist at 613-816-8798

Video Surveillance Installation and Services

WebPixel's Video Surveillance team offer service, installation, setup and configure your video security system on your mobile devices, computer. Having trouble with your current video surveillance system? We will troubleshoot and offer the best solution to bring your system up and running again.

In this age of ever-evolving technological capabilities, people are more connected than ever before. New breakthroughs and novel take on existing technologies have allowed us to side-step many of the implications of distance and time and feel more secure. Many of these advancements have proven useful in surprising settings, such as elder care.

The obvious advantage is a family’s ability to monitor the care a loved one receives, even if they cannot be present. This can help provide a peace of mind and a higher level of involvement to family members near and far. Any kind of abuse, neglect, theft or other misbehavior could be recorded. Not only would this alert a senior’s family to wrongdoing, but it would also serve as concrete evidence as grounds for rebuke, termination or even filing of criminal charges. In more idealistic scenario, the family would be able to observe the wonderful care and compassion that many staff members provide, which is an important step in establishing a trusting relationship.

If home care aides or long-term care staff are aware of the cameras, it would also reduce the likelihood of a loved one’s mistreatment, much in the same way signs alert the public to the presence of surveillance systems, guard dogs or home security systems to deter crime.

While the goal of using cameras is usually to provide peace of mind to families and added protection for seniors, surveillance can also protect the professionals who are providing hands-on care. If an accident does occur, video can quickly eliminate any suspicions that an aide or staff member is at fault. This is actually very important, especially for seniors who are prone to falls or bruising. Even the most gentle and attentive caregivers, whether family members or hired professionals, have had falls and injuries occur on their watch. The ability to confirm that a mishap was, in fact, an accident could prevent unnecessary drama and even the departure of an excellent, well-meaning caregiver.