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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage has become a critical tool within the retail industry for effectively communicating and interacting with both customers and employees. Other businesses and organizations use digital signage as a valuable tool to increase revenue and foot traffic, and to differentiate themselves from the competition. Digital signage can also enhance the in-store customer experience by reducing perceived wait times and improving overall communication (including branding and advertising) to existing and potential new customers.

By selecting the appropriate display and software for your unique environment and communication needs, digital signage solutions can help deliver a variety of dynamic information using audio, video, still or moving images. Digital signage solutions allow you to keep messaging current and relevant by providing editing and content distribution in real time by location or display

How Will Digital Signage Benefit My Business

A digital signage deployment can help your company achieve multiple benefits, including:

  Content control tools—manage content in real time
  Cost savings over traditional signage—eliminate design, printing and distribution costs
  Proof of performance—tie sales performance and productivity to key communication goals